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The Sky’s the Limit with Custom Printing

04-18-17 / By JJ Johnson

Summer has all but arrived and spring bike runs are well underway. Large groups of motorcycle enthusiasts can be seen hopping from place to place, enjoying the warmer weather and the freedom of their machines, and raising money for charity. … Continued

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Top 5 Motorcycle Roads Stateside

03-13-17 / By JJ Johnson

Regardless of location, getting out on your bike and enjoying the open road is a thrill. There are, however, stretches of pavement that pack a higher adrenaline punch than others. No matter the locale, be sure to properly equip yourself … Continued

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How to Select the Perfect Motorcycle Windshield

02-22-17 / By JJ Johnson

We get it.  A windshield on your new bike doesn’t give it the most appealing aesthetics and may not be first on your list of aftermarket add-ons.  You love the way your motorcycle looks, and mounting a big, clunky piece … Continued

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Slipstreamer Showcasing New Shield Lines at Indy NVP Product Expo

02-15-17 / By Jess

New Shield Lines from Slipstreamer’s Custom Garage Slipstreamer will be showcasing our Custom Garage new shield lines at the upcoming Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties NVP Product Expo. The top vendors in the industry will be at this exciting event … Continued

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ATV vs UTV Safety

01-20-17 / By JJ Johnson

There’s no doubt about it:  ATVs and UTVs are incredibly fun pieces of equipment.  Their functionality also helps matters since they’re able to haul rather heavy loads quickly and function as a seamless work to fun vehicle.  While these machines … Continued

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7 Motorcycle Safety Tips For Beginners

01-13-17 / By Jess

Motorcycle’s are fun and can provide a much needed thrill, but they can also be dangerous. According to the National highway Traffic Safety Control, motorcyclist deaths occur 27 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles.  Numbers like that can … Continued


Motorcycle Windshields: A Brief History

12-21-16 / By JJ Johnson

The first motorcycle that most resembles what we ride today was engineered and built in the late 1800’s. At that time, motorcycle windshields weren’t part of the equation.   The Early Days Initially, windshields were small and flimsy and functioned … Continued

OEM Windscreens

OEM Windscreens FAQ’S

11-30-16 / By JJ Johnson

Your windscreen or windshield is a vital piece of your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or scooter. It provides safety, comfort, and style to your ride and here at Slipstreamer, we understand that. We not only understand, but we’ve made it our … Continued

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Slipstreamer Offers Complete Motorcycle Windshield Customization

11-07-16 / By Jess

Full Motorcycle Windshield Customization Now Available through Slipstreamer Slipstreamer recently acquired a brand new UV flatbed printer and it’s ready for your custom artwork! Customize Your Motorcycle Windshield What’s so special about a UV flatbed printer? First and foremost, it … Continued

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Custom OEM Windshields

10-28-16 / By JJ Johnson

What does Slipstreamer do? For more than forty years, Slipstreamer has provided excellent quality Custom OEM windshields and windscreens. Manufactured in the USA to the highest possible standards, our windshields are top of the line. We offer a variety of … Continued