Essentials of Motorcycle Safety Gear

04-30-16 / By JJ Johnson

“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.” – said every parent in the book.  This phrase seems to have been passed down from one generation to another because it remains true, regardless of time.  Though this may shock … Continued


OEM Windscreens Replacement vs. Aftermarket Windshields

04-20-16 / By JJ Johnson

When it comes to replacing windshields, there are two routes you can take. The first being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windscreen, and the second being what is called an aftermarket windshield.  The choice between both of these windshield replacements … Continued

Slips Streamer

Ride in Comfort with Slipstreamer Touring Windscreens

04-11-16 / By gran

Planning a road trip this spring? There’s nothing quite like the wide-open road, peace of mind, and sense of adventure that comes with touring. Before you take off on your next epic journey, be sure you have the perfect windshield … Continued

OEM windscreen replacement

De-Winterizing Your Motorcycle

04-06-16 / By JJ Johnson

The riding season is upon us once again.  It is time to de-winterize your motorcycle and get it ready to take that first ride.  Here are some things you will want to do to make sure that your bike is … Continued