SS-1: Standard ATV Windshield

20 3/4” H x 29” W

Product Number: SS-1

Suggested Standard ATV Shield Retail Price: $122.95


Protect yourself from the oncoming elements with our standard ATV windshield fairing. It fits great! Add to your ATV’s looks and become a real asset when you put in a hard ride. This product features the latest in Slipstreamer’s innovative, off-road, quick-release hardware that fits rigidly, easily and adjusts like no other. Slipstreamer Standard ATV windshield features a new quick-release mounting system that allows for easy removal and mounting for trailering or times when you just don’t want a shield. Once mounted, the shield can be removed and remounted in seconds.

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Standard ATV Windshield - slipstreamer - custom windscreen shield