Windshield Installation

The proper windshield installation process is crucial for making sure that your windshield is safe and secure on whichever type of vehicle you own.  On motorcycles the windshield is the second most added on accessory, only second to exhaust pipes.  This is not only a piece that can give your vehicle a customized look but it can protect you from oncoming debris or insects, as well as wind fatigue.  Making the windshield an essential part of riding a cruiser.

Installing your windshield yourself is very do-able and can be done in a short amount of time.  You don’t need many specialized tools to get the job done, mostly just what is in your general tool box, plus a bracketing kit.  A bracketing kit will assist in creating a stronger base for the windshield, making it less likely to break or crack while driving.  You can find these bracketing sets at motorcycle stores or at your local hardware store to help you with your windshield installation.

One of the most important tips to offer is to read the instructions for your specific windshield type.  Since different shapes and sizes may require different specifications for installation.  The last thing you want is to have issues with your windshield due to an error in the installation process.  If done incorrectly, your windshield may not sit correctly and it may not protect in the most productive way while driving.

Most of all, enjoy adding your signature touch to all of your ATV, UTV, motorcycles and scooters.  Give them a custom look that protects with a windshield designed by Slipstreamer.   If you have any questions about the windshield installation instructions, please feel free to contact us.

Below you will find the windscreen installation instructions (downloadable PDF format) for UTV, ATV, motorcycle, scooters, cruisers and other types of windshields that Slipstreamer produces.

Windshield Installation Instructions
Custom 2014 FLHT Shield

UTV Windshield

SS-30 Classic and SS-32 Falcon Windshield

SS-28 and SS-20 Stealth Fairing

Scoot 30-40-50-60-66

Cobra – Spitfire – Viper

Enterprise – Spirit – Hellfire – Turbo – Sportshield

Turbo – Slipstreamer – S-08 Sportshield (pre 2014)

Enterprise – Spirit – Hellfire (pre 2014)

HD-0 Harley

H-5 Elite


Bullet / B-Wing

ATV all models