Polaris RZR Series – Visor Shield

16 ¾” H x 37” W

Product Number: S-RZR-V

Suggested Visor Shield Retail Price: $174.95


Slipstreamer Inc. is pleased to introduce the new line of shields for the UTV market. We manufacture three shields for the Polaris RZR UTVs: full, visor and an aerodynamically designed vented back window to help cut back on the back draft effect. Because of its superior scratch resistance and toughness, all UTV shields are made from 0.177 Lucite acrylic. Shields are mounted with strong, anodized aluminum adjustable fasteners, and all hardware is rugged and rust proof. The biggest benefit of our shields over others is that everything is mounted within the UTV frame, protecting the windshield from limbs and branches and shielding the rider from being cut or scratched on exposed edges. All windshields mount in between frame.

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Polaris RZR - Visor Shield