Custom Graphics: What’s on Your Bike?

12-08-17 / By JJ Johnson

We want to talk about custom graphics. Custom graphics on your windshield can take your bike and set it apart from anything else you’ll see on the road. It’s as personalized as a tattoo and just as customizable. When we say that your imagination is your only limitation in our custom garage, we mean it. Our cutting-edge technology can and will transfer the graphic you’ve been dreaming of to your windscreen. We’re just a phone call away.

Let’s say we have you convinced. You need one of these state of the art graphics on your motorcycle, you’re just not sure what you want. We get it; that’s normal. When you have endless options, it’s difficult to choose.

Here’s a list of some of the ideas people have come up with and that have been incredible successes in our custom graphic endeavors. Use this as your brainstorming room, and then spring off of these ideas to make it your own. Slipstreamer will do the rest.

Without further adieu, here’s a list to get you thinking:


  • Memorials for animals
  • Breast cancer ribbons or slogans
  • Gay pride flags, symbols, or slogans
  • Flags
  • Eagles
  • Gothic
  • Marvel comic characters or logos


This is a small sampling, but we hope it gets your gears moving and helps you decide on the perfect custom graphic to complement your ride. If you have any doubts about our ability to make your idea come to life, give the pros at Slipstreamer a shout and we’ll make you a believer. Or just chat with us and we can help you decide which direction you want to head with your graphic; sometimes verbalizing or writing it out helps the decision-making process come to a head.

Fully customizable graphics are the newest technology in the industry, and we’re the only ones doing it. And whatever we do, we do it with excellence. Dream up your ideal windscreen and we’ll give it life. That’s a promise.

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