What You Didn’t Know (But Need to) About our Bestselling Spitfire Windscreen

11-13-17 / By gran

We sell a lot of windshields at Slipstreamer. It’s what we do. It’s what we’re great at. Our number one selling windscreen for over 20 years has been the S-06 Spitfire. Our customers love this item and for good reason: it’s distinctive, streamlined, and features an exclusive anodized aluminum disc hardware system. It’s simple to remove and is fully adjustable.

Spitfire: Unlimited Customization

What many of our customers don’t realize is just how customizable the Spitfire is. This windshield can be made taller. It can be ordered in a wider size or shorter height. Any sizing needed to fit your bike can be accomplished with the Spitfire.


And the options for screen color and mounting hardware listed? They’re just the beginning. Standard options for your screen are clear or smoke and the mounting hardware lists black and chrome. But we can powder coat the mounting hardware virtually any color you want. We can color match your bike or create a statement with a contrasting hue. Your imagination is the only thing limiting you with the Spitfire windshield.

Graphics to Reflect Your Personality

As far as your screen itself, our cutting-edge technology custom graphic garage brings your dreams to life, quite literally. The clear and smoke options are your canvas for whatever statement you want to make with your motorcycle. We can showcase your patriotism with an American flag, display your love of Marvel comics with an image of your favorite hero, promote your personal brand with a custom logo, memorialize a loved one or lost pet…the sky really is the limit.


Let your imagination do the talking and let Slipstreamer create a customized windscreen you’ll be proud and excited to display on your bike. If you think your idea is too crazy, we’re here to tell you that it isn’t and we would be honored to bring it to life. Contact us today and we’ll begin transforming your Spitfire windscreen into the work of art it should be.

What You Didn’t Know (But Need to) About our Bestselling Spitfire Windscreen