How a Good Windscreen Can Help Combat Buffeting Fatigue

01-16-18 / By JJ Johnson

If you’ve been a motorcyclist for any amount of time, you understand how real buffeting fatigue is. Your ride has been great, but at the end of the day, your body is singing a different tune. You’re sore, you’re exhausted, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The probable reason? Buffeting.

What’s buffeting?

Buffeting is the manner in which the air is vibrating around your bike, your windscreen, your helmet, your clothing, and your body. It’s caused by “aerodynamic excitation” and is a bane for anyone looking to move quickly through air. It can cause a body exposed for long periods of time to feel fatigued and sore.

So what’s the answer? How do we fix buffeting and make our longer (and faster) rides more enjoyable?

How do I fix it?

Windscreen fit and function is essential to cutting down on buffeting. A poor fit or improper installation can result in a rough ride. Alignment, the height of the rider, and the type of bike you’re operating are all factors that contribute to buffeting.

First things first: get yourself a high quality, effective windscreen built for your bike and riding style. Contact an expert (like the people over here at Slipstreamer (link here to contact page)) and ask some pertinent questions to help you find the perfect windscreen.

What height should your windshield be? What about the style? Where should you have it installed or can you DIY it? Is there any other hardware or additional products that you’ll need for perfect alignment and proper installation?

Ride comfortably with a Slipstreamer windscreen.

Ask the right questions and nail down what you’ll need for your best ride. You’ll soon be singing the praises of a simple but extraordinary piece of equipment: your windscreen. If you know exactly what you need and just have to pull the trigger, head here to find a Slipstreamer dealer in your area.

Ride as hard as you prefer, but stay comfortable while you’re doing it with a Slipstreamer windshield.

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