OEM Replacements Highlighted at the Record Attendance 2018 Parts

OEM Replacements Highlighted at the Record Attendance 2018 Parts Unlimited NVP

POSTED 02-22-18

Leaders from Slipstreamer recently attended the record attendance 2018 Parts Unlimited NVP Product Expo. The Expo was held in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 10th and 11th and was deemed the most successful event of its kind in 20 years with the highest dealer attendance in history. It was an excellent event for us to be a part of and an exciting jumpstart to 2018.

What’s this event for?

The Expo began with two days of sales training led by the top manufacturers in the industry which led into a weekend where dealers and reps showed up to be a part of the event. Dealers from around the country are brought in to the showcase to view new vendor products for the 2018 year. Road reds employed by Parts Unlimited are also brought in to learn and experience the products so that they’re well equipped to sell.

Why was Slipstreamer there?

As a vendor, Slipstreamer showcased new products: OEM replacements for the 2018 Honda Goldwing, OEM parts for the Indian Chieftan and Roadster, and the new Victory Cross Country OEM replacements were on display. We also showed our custom graphics printed on each of the OEM replacement shields. The Indian parts had dreamcatchers, the Indian logo, and an Indian collage for example. We utilized the branding for each bike to highlight what we can do with our cutting-edge custom graphics.

How did it go?

This show was a stellar way to begin our year here at Slipstreamer with the incredible dealer turnout and engagement with reps and dealers alike. We hope to charge into 2018 with this momentum to better serve our motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.