When You’re Getting Your Bike Road Ready for Spring, Don’t Forget Your Windscreen

03-13-18 / By gran

We’ve all done it. Eager to get back on the road after a long, cold winter, we pull the cover off the bike, give it a quick once-over, and miss something big. It could be a tire that needs air. Maybe it’s an oil change, stale gas, or an underperforming battery that needs your attention. Here’s one thing you don’t want to skip over before hitting the warm blacktop this spring: your windscreen.

No Crack Left Unchecked

Scratches, dings, or a cracked screen means impaired vision and an ineffectual shield from the elements. Even a hairline fracture comprises the integrity of your screen and distracts from your view of the road. This can create more of a hazard than if you’d simply remove it. Grab a new shield before the snow melts and you’ll be ready when the weather is.

New Lines for Your New Bike

At Slipstreamer, we’ve got the entire line of the 2018 Honda Goldwing shield replacements at the ready. Also in stock is the new line for the Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster. If you need a new windshield, we’re ready with the highest quality products.

Personalize it with the Slipstreamer Custom Garage

While you’re replacing your shield, don’t forget to add custom graphics to make your bike make a statement and set yourself apart from the other riders on the road. Our Custom Garage offers a robust range of graphics abilities: pick any graphic element, image, color, tint…we can even create a custom windscreen shape and height to accommodate the graphic. Head here for more information.


This spring, give your motorcycle a thorough check-up and get your windscreen replaced if it’s lacking luster. Make it stand out with a custom graphic and get ready for another great summer of riding. Stay safe out there!

When You’re Getting Your Bike Road Ready for Spring, Don’t Forget Your Windscreen