Harley Davidson: Freedom on Our Nation’s Roadways

10-24-17 / By gran

The look is iconic. Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. The long chain of a motor club cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway is a growling convoy. A rebel and a roar and a beckoning highway; Harley Davidson is the emblem of the American Spirit in gleaming black and chrome. The snarling thunder of freedom on the nation’s roadways.

Harley Davidson

For more than 100 years now, Harley Davidson has been the look, and the sound, of freedom in America. Real American made bikes that have become the iconic image of the independent spirit of our nation. A gleaming look and technological brilliance partnered with a mechanical excellence that is unmatched on the highways and byways of America. Harley Davidson is everything great about our country with a polished eagle paint job. Whether you enjoy racing, motorcycle clubs, time alone, or just you and your honey and a lonesome stretch of highway, Harley Davidson is the choice of generations of people who crave the freedom of the open road and an open throttle.

Men and women choose Harley Davidson for that evocative image of unbridled passion. A bike with a cracked or broken windscreen doesn’t say “American Rebel,” it says “Broken Spirit.” A broken windshield lets the wind through and the rebel soul out. Replace that damaged windscreen with a strong and clear windshield from Slipstreamer. We can equip you with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windscreen for any model and year of your bike, or provide you with a wide variety of custom made windscreens for all your riding needs.

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