The Honda 2018 Gold Wing is Here and Slipstreamer is Ready

12-22-17 / By JJ Johnson

The Honda 2018 Gold Wing has arrived and we’re just as excited about it as you are. It’s a thing of beauty and a marvel of engineering. This bike has been around and constantly improving for over forty years, and the 2018 model is proof. There’s a new engine. There’s also new front suspension. It also has the option of 7-speed DCT. Oh, and it’s over 85 pounds lighter for greater agility. And it offers the latest tech.

Performance in Touring

This is a dreamy touring bike, and we know you’re drooling over the specs. It’s simply awesome. Whenever there’s a release of a legendary bike like this rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up, we amp up and start dreaming of how we can best serve our community of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Preparation for Demand

As we’ve been anticipating the release of the 2018 Goldwing here at Slipstreamer, we’ve prepared ourselves with windscreens at the ready. We offer the full line of Gold Wing windshields. Any height, color, or variation you need is available through Slipstreamer.

Perfection in Customization

Think you might be needing some customization? No problem. We’ve got you covered with custom color matching to make your bike the work of art it’s meant to be. And don’t forget about custom graphics: Slipstreamer’s custom garage offers state of the art technology in graphics and graphics application so you can make your Honda 2018 Gold Wing stand out in a crowd. Our goal is for you to love your bike, and a custom windscreen might be the key you need to unlock that level of satisfaction.

Presenting the Honda 2018 Gold Wing: Improved

Even though this bike is a beaut, we have the ability to make it, dare we say, better. Customize and personalize your new Gold Wing with Slipstreamer. You’ll be glad you did. Contact the experts at Slipstreamer with any questions or to locate your local or online dealer of Slipstreamer products.

honda 2018 gold wing
Images Courtesy of Honda Motorsports