3 Vehicle Graphic Trends to Consider for 2017

05-15-17 / By JJ Johnson

When you add a wrap or graphic decal to your vehicle, you have the opportunity to make it stand out. You make it yours beyond the fact that it lives in your garage. With vehicle custom graphics, your motorcycle or car becomes a reflection of you or your company.

With the rise in popularity of authenticity and advanced technologies making the transfer of your authentic self to your vehicle possible, we’re seeing increasingly creative vehicle custom graphics. While you’re out on the open road or if you’re considering spicing up your ride with a custom graphic, keep an eye out for these three trends.


The Partial Wrap

This type of graphic application is particularly popular for businesses since it’s simpler to change them out with promotional and seasonal messages and images. Partial wraps are cost-effective and easy to update with changing tides. And if you’re considering vehicle custom graphics but are on the fence, this may be a good way to dip your toe in the water.


The Matte Finish

Matte is a fashionable and classy way to command attention. It’s sleek, subtle, and edgy and is popular to use with darker shades of black, gray, and green. Matte is a nice change up from the traditional glossy finishes we most often see with graphics and wraps.


The Custom Graphic

Whether you’re a business or a personal vehicle owner, utilizing the technology of custom graphics is an excellent way to brand yourself and rise above the norm. As a commercial business, a custom graphic will serve to increase brand recognition which results in increased traffic for your business. With personal use, a custom graphic allows you to express your individuality and style.


Vehicle Custom Graphics from Slipstreamer

If you’re interested in adding a custom graphic to your motorcycle windshield, get in touch with us at Slipstreamer and we’ll work with you to design and print the perfect graphic for your ride. Now, please keep in mind, we do not make vinyl wraps here at Slipstreamer. We can, however, apply direct or back side print for you onto one of our shields. Whether it’s our ideas, your ideas, or a combination, we can help you from start to finish.

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