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07-28-15 / By gran

Custom Scooter WindshieldsScooter Windshields

The other terms used for motorcycle windshield are scooter windshield and scooter windscreen. The item still became very popular and in demand globally. Although this is not aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits it provides makes it different from the rest.

If you can no longer stand the wind when you make use of the scooter, then you must consider this one. If you want to maximize the security level, this is even a better option. This is also more on the “functionality”. You need to purchase a windshield which is based on the type of scooter you use. Consider the headlight, height and the style that you want to incorporate.

Numerous scooter manufacturers make it easier for riders to choose the ideal windshield that suits their bikes. Some made one that matches a certain model. There are some which can be used for all type of scooters. When it comes to style, there are several variations you can choose from. The top area of the windshield needs to remain clean for you to see things clearly at night and day. You can also add some tint at the bottom level. Don’t hesitate to choose a windshield that matches your personality while you keep wind and other elements down.

Mirror Mounted Scooter Windshield Installation

  1. For you to begin the installation, you need to clear the headset of any attachments. You need to find threaded holes which can secure the windshield to the scooter. The brackets which protect the windshield-arm l line-up with the holes. You need to get rid of the handle bar mirrors temporarily to lock or secure the windshield bracket.
  2. You can now install the mirror bracket and windshield bracket by screwing them all using the provided bolt. You can lose them and you can slide the windshield-arm into the bracket which is attached to the headset. Use the remaining bolts and brackets with the “rubber cushions” to fasten the windshield. Once done, the windshield needs to fit over your top headset frame which is placed at the top of the headlight.
  3. Now, tighten everything comfortably. Don’t over tighten the bolt that holds the windshield or else the windshield plastic might crack. On the other hand, don’t over tighten the bracket bolt into your scooter headset or else the windshield will strip your headset. The threads in headset are “aluminum”. These can easily be wrapped as compared to “steel metal bolts”.

Once the installation is highly secured, take the scooter for a short test ride. Once you see a negative result or discomfort, you need to adjust the windshield at its most ideal position. This will allow you to sit and drive comfortably. If there is something that loose, just tighten it all up. A warning windshield is made of “hard plastic”. This can scratch and crack over time. Make sure to be extra careful when you park the scooter. And, you need to put something on it. Bear in mind that falling items may create a big scratch or other damages permanently.