ATV vs UTV Safety

01-20-17 / By JJ Johnson

There’s no doubt about it:  ATVs and UTVs are incredibly fun pieces of equipment.  Their functionality also helps matters since they’re able to haul rather heavy loads quickly and function as a seamless work to fun vehicle.  While these machines are useful and provide hours of entertainment, they’re also powerful and demand respect.  Both types of machine are as safe as the driver operating them, but there are aspects of a UTV that definitely make it an obviously safer choice.  Whichever vehicle you’re driving, an ATV or UTV windshield adds a degree of protection you don’t want to skimp on.


Low Center of Gravity


A UTV carries its payload below the top of the tires which lends to a lower center of gravity.  This increased stability means fewer rollovers which equates to a safer ride.


At Least Four Wheels


The more tires on the ground, the better traction and stability you have in your vehicle.


Roll Cage


When a rollover does happen, the roll cage commonly associated with the UTV provides a great degree of protection to the driver and any passengers tagging along.  Many models also have seatbelts, which offer added safety.


Enclosed Cab


Some UTV models have an enclosed cab or offer upgrades that include an enclosed cab.  Besides the temperature regulation availability this offers, an enclosure protects from the elements and debris.


UTV Windshield


Not all UTVs come with a UTV windshield, but most if not all offer a UTV windshield either as part of a package or as an add on feature.  A UTV windshield is an excellent choice to increase your safety in inclement weather or tough terrain.


Although ATVs and UTVs are used for differing purposes, the crossover use for these vehicles is broad.  If you’re looking for a machine that can haul more, keep you safer, and offers more customization, you’re looking for a UTV.


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