ATV Windshield from Slipstreamer

09-22-16 / By JJ Johnson

A common misconception about ATV windshield installation is that they are difficult or time-consuming to attach and remove. Some people, who know they would benefit from a windshield for their ATV, scooter, or motorcycle are apprehensive about buying one. Their concern is that, if it’s challenging to install or remove, they’ll take it off one day and it will sit in the garage from that day forward, neglected. We understand that concern.

It may seem odd coming from a manufacturer of windscreens but, as riders ourselves, realize that sometimes, you won’t want to ride with an ATV windshield. That’s why Slipstreamer windscreens are designed with a quick-release system that allows you to install or remove your windscreen in seconds flat. Want to take a slow, relaxing ride on the trail and feel a little wind in your face? Quickly detach your windscreen and leave it at home. On those times when you’ll be going through the woods and looking for a little more protection, simply click it back in place. It really is that simple.

Not only is our ATV windshield installation a convenient quick and easy process, they’re designed to last for years. We take every precaution and cut no corners when it comes to the functionality, durability, and safety of our custom products. We understand that producing a quality product is what has kept us in business for all these years and we’re committed to rewarding our customers with the best windscreens available anywhere.

If you’ve been considering a windscreen for your ATV, scooter, or motorcycle, we hope you’ll take a minute to contact us. Our representatives are knowledgeable about our products because we don’t just make these windshields, we use them ourselves. We are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the design, function, and ease of use of our custom windscreens. Give us a call and let us help you find the best product for you.

ATV Windshield Installation Slipstreamer