Custom Windscreens Protection

11-10-15 / By gran

Your Custom Windscreens, Your ProtectionCustom Windscreens

Did you know that the most popular add-on for motorcycles is not the fancy exhaust pipes, but windshields? The windshield plays a huge part in making your riding experience enjoyable because it protects from flying insects and other flying debris as you are cruising down the road at 60 mph. This is why anyone with a motorcycle or a UTV makes it their first priority to have a windshield on their vehicle, that not only protects them as they drive, but also looks great while they are riding.


Cruiser Windscreens

Choosing a windshield for your cruiser is a choice that only you, the motorcycle owner, can decide. At Slipstreamer they specialize in high quality windshields, and give customers foolproof decision-making assistance. You can’t go wrong, with well over 10 unique designs. From the Bullet shaped shield to the classic look, they are all built to protect the driver for an enjoyable ride. For example, take a look at the Falcon style cruiser windshields, this combines the classic, American vintage shield, with the size and hand protection that comes from a classic touring shield. With plenty of other options to choose from, your cruiser will be sporting a good-looking shield, while keeping you well protected.


UTV Windscreens

Getting off of the road with a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), you may not be getting as much speed as you would with a motorcycle, but there are still plenty of things that can harm the passengers without a proper windshield. The exact windshield to be ordered is dependent on the brand of the UTV you own. Options for both Yamaha and Polaris come in a variety of sizes, including full and visor. Back shields are available exclusively for Polaris RZR series and a half shield is uniquely for the Yamaha Rhino collection. UTV windshields are all mounted with anodized aluminum adjustable fasteners, making for strong, rust proof attachments.


Custom Windscreens

Sporting a custom windshield that suits your own personal style and protection preferences is possible with any make or model, from motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and scooters. Slipstreamer has been working on manufacturing quality windshields for over 40 years and has developed a healthy reputation in the industry. Creating a large selection of styles as well as having the ability to custom design quality shields is what has kept Slipstreamer at the top of the market for nearly half a century.