De-Winterizing Your Motorcycle

04-06-16 / By JJ Johnson

The riding season is upon us once again.  It is time to de-winterize your motorcycle and get it ready to take that first ride.  Here are some things you will want to do to make sure that your bike is ready for a smooth ride.

  1. Well Oiled

Manufacturers of motorcycles often recommend replacing the engine oil and filter when taking it out of storage.  Since the motorcycle has been sitting all winter, the oil can separate and potentially harm your engine.

  1. Fluid Connections

Inspect the fluid hoses for any loose ends or signs of leakage.  Freshen up your coolant supply and top off any other liquids that look low.  Verify that the consistency of your current fluids is in check, and replace if necessary.

  1. Amp-Up the Battery

Before you first ride of the year, make sure the battery is charged and the cables are in good working order.  Slip a fresh coat of grease on them and reconnect.

  1. Safe Windshield

While you are doing a full inspection on the interior of your motorcycle, be sure to take a thorough look at the exterior as well.  Check the windshield for cracks and proper adhesion to your bike.  The windshield is all about safety.  If there are any signs of wear and tear, you may want to get a new Slipstreamer OEM windscreen replacement or a Slipstreamer custom shield.

  1. Full Tires

When keeping your motorcycle in storage all winter, did you take the pressure off of your tires?  If you didn’t have your bike resting on the tires, then chances are that your tires are ready to go.  Even so, it is best to verify that there are no cracks, punctures, budges or flat spots that can cause your ride to be a dangerous one.  Fill the tires with appropriate air and enjoy the ride.

  1. Insurance Updates

After sprucing up your bike, you will want to make sure that your insurance policy fits this season’s motorcycle needs.  Did you add any custom parts, or get an OEM windshield replacement?  Make sure that your policy will cover the costs.

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