Essentials of Motorcycle Safety Gear

04-30-16 / By JJ Johnson

“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.” – said every parent in the book.  This phrase seems to have been passed down from one generation to another because it remains true, regardless of time.  Though this may shock you, it continues to be an applicable phrase, even for adults.  If you are a motorcycle rider, you know the fun and thrill of cruising down the road on a nice day.  But safety needs to come first. Safe fun is the best kind of fun.  Particularly when having fun requires you to be moving quickly down the road.  There are many ways to help yourself and passengers be safer on the road.  This includes things ranging from having a properly installed windshield to wearing the proper protective gear.  A quality helmet and a full riding suit can protect you from getting serious injuries if you happen to run into some trouble on the road.  Though it may seem like a high retail cost upfront, this gear is far cheaper than potential medical bills that can come from a motorcycle accident.  As you are getting ready to hit the road this summer, make sure that you are fully suited for the safest possible ride.  That is where the real fun begins.