Introducing New Black Hardware Option

12-29-15 / By gran

The moment has arrived. For over a decade the SS-30 and SS-32 line of custom windscreens have only been available with chrome hardware, but not anymore.

Both lines of windscreens are now available with a black hardware option. Slipstreamer has responded to the large demand for black accessories, so if you have been hoping to refresh your look or are just in the mood for a change, you are in luck. Motorcycles are an extension of your personality so having the ability to customize your bike is up the utmost importance.

S-1-CBlack Hardware Option

The new black hardware is powder coated which gives the parts a durable, tough finish that is not only attractive, but preserves metal parts over long periods of time. Best of all, you are able to buy the black hardware and retrofit it to your existing windscreen and as a bonus, it has quick release for easy setup.

SS-30 and SS-32 Windscreens

custom windscreensThe SS-30 Classic shield fits many popular American and Japanese-styled cruisers giving them a custom look. This shield is clean and sharp and mounts are manufactured to fit tapered, wide glide, over-sized, and standard forks. Available in light solar tint and clear, these shields are made out of 3/16” Lucite acrylic and come in 17” and 22” heights with a 23” width.

The SS-32 Falcon shield is unique in that it combines great features such as hand protection and size with the classic look of an American vintage cruiser. Offered in clear, this shield is available in 16” and 20” heights and at the hands measures 34 ½”.

When it comes to motorcycles, windshields come in at number one for popular add-ons. Windshields not only protect you and make riding more enjoyable, they add character and look great while you are out cruising.

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