Motorcycle Windscreens and Long Distance Rides

08-01-16 / By JJ Johnson


You bought that new bike and you’re getting ready to take it for that long journey you’ve been dreaming of. Your hard work and planning is finally about to pay off.

Before you set out, we suggest that you run through this quick checklist to be sure you’re prepared for your trip. There’s nothing better than a great bike run but there are few things worse than a bad one.

1.) Motorcycle windscreens

We know what some of you are thinking: Bikes look cooler stripped down. Nothing beats the wind in your hair as you’re rolling down the open road at 60 mph. Believe it or not, we agree. But what feels exhilarating and free for a couple miles feels more like unrelenting torture over long voyages. The wind hammering on your face, bugs bouncing off you, occasional rocks thrown at you from other vehicles…those things get old real quick. Our recommendation: go with the windscreen. Need advice on motorcycle windscreens or would you like to talk to someone about a custom screen for your bike? You’ve come to the right place.

2.) Leather and helmet

Before you take off, be sure you’re dressed for the road. Leather is the best clothing option for helping you keep your skin if you should fall off your bike and helmets…well, you’ve already heard everything there is to hear about those. If you want to ride for years to come, we strongly recommend these safety precautions. Remember: you can be the best rider on Earth but if someone behind you is texting…or a deer jumps out…or the car in front of you loses a muffler or…

3.) Plan your route in advance

This one may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised. We bikers are notorious free-birds. Have your phone handy and make sure you use the GPS. Avoid construction, traffic jams, and dirt roads at all cost.

4.) Earplugs

The wind on a motorcycle gets LOUD! Even with the use of motorcycle windscreens, what may seem like a minor annoyance on short trips can become downright unbearable on long journeys. Plus, it’s bad for your hearing. Grab some earplugs and use them. They’re cheap and they’ll make your trip much more enjoyable.

5.) Tires

Probably the most important of all: Before you leave on any journey, even short ones, we strongly recommend you take a look at your tires. Verify that the treads are not worn. You have many miles ahead of you and they will wear further on your trip. You need to know that your tires will survive the journey. A blowout in a car is dangerous but a blowout on a bike…perish the thought. More information on tire wear and how to check it is here.

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