How to Select the Perfect Motorcycle Windshield

02-22-17 / By JJ Johnson

We get it.  A windshield on your new bike doesn’t give it the most appealing aesthetics and may not be first on your list of aftermarket add-ons.  You love the way your motorcycle looks, and mounting a big, clunky piece of plastic to the front isn’t going to impress anyone.  But pretty quickly you’re going to realize that vanity is no substitute for keeping bugs, rain, and wind out of your face while you’re cruising.  Motorcycle windshield companies like Slipstreamer are aware of this factor, and that’s why we want to arm you with some information for selecting the windshield best suited for your needs.

Following, you’ll find a few key considerations to make when selecting a windshield. Understanding these nuances and your preferences will have you well on your way to picking the perfect windscreen.

Long Distance or Quick Cruises

If you’re regularly going to be traveling long distances with your bike, you’ll want a windshield that covers a large area.  A wide and tall screen is your best bet.  But if you’re only going to be making quick jaunts and you want to keep the lines of your bike clean, select something as small as possible.

Permanent or Detachable

If you’re somewhere in between the types of riders listed above, a detachable windshield may be what you’re after.  When you know that a windshield is going to be something you’ll always want, stick with the sturdiness and dependability of a permanent mount.

Short or Tall

Height is something you want to make sure you get just right when you’re picking out a windshield.  If it’s too short, you’re going to lose your protection and get a jet stream of air in your face.  If it’s too tall, you’ll be forced to look through a potentially dirty or wet windshield in the midst of travel.  Find a screen that levels at about your nose for the perfect height on touring and cruising bikes.  It’s important to make sure the shield is not at your sightline.  Aim to have your line of sight above or below it for a more comfortable ride.

For help choosing your next windshield, contact the pros at Slipstreamer, leader among motorcycle windshield companies.

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