Slipstreamer Offers Complete Motorcycle Windshield Customization

11-07-16 / By gran

Full Motorcycle Windshield Customization Now Available through Slipstreamer

Slipstreamer recently acquired a brand new UV flatbed printer and it’s ready for your custom artwork!

Customize Your Motorcycle Windshield

What’s so special about a UV flatbed printer? First and foremost, it allows the team at Slipstreamer to put any type of custom artwork you could think of onto your Slipstreamer motorcycle windshield. It is the epitome of windshield customization. You create and design your own graphics, and with this specialized printer, Slipstreamer can print and apply this custom art right to your new Slipstreamer windscreen.

windshield customization

This machine has the ability to print up to 128 colors in a single art form, so you will never be limited in your color choices. In addition, the quality of printing is just as good as any photograph printing, including excellent clarity.

All graphics are backside printed, protecting them from rocks, bugs, and anything else you may face on the road. Because the printer uses UV ink, your graphics will never fade. Your customized windshield will look like new for years to come.

While it is possible to buy custom parts to make your bike stand out, the guy or gal down the street has the ability to buy those same exact parts. Why not make your motorcycle truly unique? When you use your own personal artwork or photographs, Slipstreamer will never print these same graphics for anyone else. Guaranteed. Not the artistic type? No problem. Slipstreamer can create a personalized design just for you.

Clubs and Municipalities

windshield customization

Are you part of a club or municipality? This new printer makes it possible to add a customized logo to your Slipstreamer windshield, allowing other riders and members to easily identify you. If you’re part of an organized municipality, such as a police department, you can take the process a step further and provide each member with their own personal graphic, such as a police badge with a number and name.

Signage, Artwork, and More

A UV flatbed printer’s capabilities are amazing for motorcycles, but their potential is far reaching. This printer can print on any substrate up to 4 inches thick including metal, plastic, glass, and wood, and it has the ability to print graphics up to 4 feet by 8 feet, giving you the flexibility to choose a size that works best for you project. Whether you’re looking for signage for your business, products for a sports team, or custom art pieces, Slipstreamer has you covered.

Customize Your Windscreen Today

Ready to begin your motorcycle windshield customization? You can email your artwork or photos directly to Slipstreamer. Preferred formats include PDF, JPEG, or Vector files that are 1 megabyte or larger. You also have the option to bring your artwork directly to the Slipstreamer team. If you’re artwork is already completed, it generally takes 2 days or less to receive your completed custom windscreen. If you’re having Slipstreamer create your artwork for you, you will have your finished product within 7 to 10 days.

Contact Slipstreamer today to get started!