Recent Release: SS-34 Phantom Windshield

03-08-16 / By gran

Slipstreamer recently released the all new SS-34 Phantom windshield model. Designed with the newer style of darkened Boulevard cruisers in mind, this windshield goes perfectly with cruisers that have embraced the popular black motif.

The SS-34 Phantom windshield is made up of dark smoke material that appears black from a distance but is transparent up close, so you have the ultimate visibility for safe riding without compromising appearance. In addition, this new model comes with standard black on black hardware as well as the new Slipstreamer quick release mounting system for easy installation.

Slipstreamer has been manufacturing, creating and updating quality windshield and products for over 40 years. Today, Slipstreamer is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle windshields in the world. Quality and customer service are our top priorities, and our goal has always been to bring superior products to motorcycle enthusiasts.

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