Ride in Comfort with Slipstreamer Touring Windscreens

04-11-16 / By gran

Planning a road trip this spring? There’s nothing quite like the wide-open road, peace of mind, and sense of adventure that comes with touring. Before you take off on your next epic journey, be sure you have the perfect windshield that will not only protect you from weather, wind, and road hazards, but one that speaks to your personal style.  

Slipstreamer has a number of different touring windshields available. All of our windscreens are attractive, easy to install, and provide superior protection.


S-00: Enterprise

The Enterprise has a dynamic, sculptured styling that enhances the appearance of your bike without affecting its lines. It’s available in either clear or smoke and features longer lowers that give you added protection against weather and road hazards. It comes with a strong, four-point, fully adjustable anodized aluminum ball and socket mounting system, and a two-piece, lower fork-tube clamp providing mind-easing stability.

Dimensions: 21” H x 35” W x 19” B

Have questions about installation? Check out this video.


S-02: Spirit

The Spirit is available in either clear or smoke, and it combines the standard features of the S-00 Enterprise with a more advanced design, sporty graphics, and definitive lines that create an eye-catching, sporty look.

Dimensions: 21 ½” H x 35” W x 19” B

You can find the installation video here.


S-03: Slipstreamer “The Original”

This is the windshield that started it all, and while there have been a handful of design changes over the years, this is the same shield Slipstreamer was built with. The Slipstreamer is aerodynamically designed to provide maximum wind protection and it comes with a cushioned headlight seal to cut wind noise and adverse airflow. The lightweight design, rounded style, and superior visibility and performance of the S-03 make it a product line leader.

Dimensions: 19 ¾” H x 32” W x 14” B

Check out the video for easy install.


S-05: Turbo

The Turbo is available in clear and provides you with excellent wind protection without the use of a full fairing. This shield is fully adjustable, comes with anodized aluminum ball and socket four-point mounting, has a full cushioned headlight seal, and an identifying graphic.

Dimensions: 19 ¾” H x 32” W x 14” B

Check out the installation video.


S-08: Sportshield

This windshield is for riders who want more than a windshield but less than a large fairing. The Sportshield is a universal handlebar-mounted shield so it will fit most standard street and touring motorcycles. It’s available in both clear and smoke and comes with a strong, four-place mount that is easy to install and holds secure.

Dimensions: 20” H x 21” W

Need help with installation? Click here to see the video.


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