Slipstreamer O28 Windscreen Installation Step-By-Step Video

05-25-16 / By gran

Need help with your Slipstreamer O28 windscreen installation? This easy-to-follow video gives you step-by-step instructions that will guide your through the process of replacing your own windshield. Bob Eggerichs, president of Slipstreamer and motorcycle guru, explains the hardware, offers tips and tricks, and walks you through the proper way to install or replace your new windshield in just a few short minutes.

The O28 mount kit is used for the SS-20 Stealth and SS-28 Sport Shield.

The O28 hardware kit includes:

  • 2 upper rods
  • 2 adjustable handlebar clamps
  • 4 barrels
  • 2 Allen wrenches
  • 2 lower rods
  • 2 fork tube mount kits
  • 2 T-Knobs

Click here to view the O28 windscreen installation video on our YouTube Channel.


Slipstreamer O28 Windscreen Installation