Top 5 Motorcycle Roads Stateside

03-13-17 / By JJ Johnson

Regardless of location, getting out on your bike and enjoying the open road is a thrill. There are, however, stretches of pavement that pack a higher adrenaline punch than others. No matter the locale, be sure to properly equip yourself with things like a quality motorcycle windscreen, and then hold onto your hat because these spots will keep you on your toes.

Tail of the Dragon

Aptly named, this 11-mile length of highway in Tennessee boasts over 300 curves careening through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A 35 mph speed limit (down from the 55 mph prior to 2005) was imposed due to the extreme nature of this highway.  There’s even a special tree dubbed “the Tree of Shame” which has motorcycle parts affixed to it from those who weren’t able to “tame the dragon”.

Twisted Sisters

This grouping of three Ranch Roads in the Hill Country of Texas takes riders on a 100-mile loop through ranches, hills, and valleys. Twisted Sisters isn’t quite as tricky to navigate as the Tail of the Dragon, but it’s not for amateurs either with one particular stretch doling out 65 curves.

Pacific Coast Highway

A gorgeous concoction of ocean panoramas, redwoods, and towering mansions, the PCH or California State Route 1 easily makes the list for top motorcycle highways. The Big Sur, a 123-mile portion of this ride, is the most noteworthy with its steep drop-offs, sharp turns, and often dense layer of fog.

San Juan Skyway

This All-American Road winds 233 miles through the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Numerous drop-offs, S-curves, and hills call for a careful and experienced driver, and the Million Dollar Highway section of this route boasts grand views and oft sighted wildlife

Tunnel of Trees

As the name suggests, this Michigan road is surrounded on both sides by heavy foliage, giving it an enchanted feel. Fall attracts more visitors as the trees change color and the density thins allowing for views of Lake Michigan. Also noteworthy is the lack of a centerline on this 27.5-mile stretch.


No matter which route you choose to conquer, make sure you’re keeping yourself protected with a quality motorcycle windscreen from Slipstreamer. Riding is always more fun when you’re properly equipped for the journey.

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