Using an ATV or UTV on the Farm

05-05-16 / By JJ Johnson

The heavy work of a farm has its challenges and its joys.  There is always a never ending to-do list that keeps a person active day in and day out.  Keeping up with the chores of the farm is what motivates farmers to get out of bed in the morning.  Since it is 2016, we know that farmers don’t use livestock or horses to help out with the taxing work that the farm requires.  Today, farms are managed with the help of machines, from tractors to pick-up trucks and combines to ATVs.  All of these vehicles are necessary to make your hard work the most productive.  If you haven’t already incorporated an ATV or UTV into your farming assets, you may want to consider the ways in which it can make your life as a farmer much easier.  Additionally explore reasons for adding an OEM windscreen for protection while you drive.


Doesn’t Lose Steam

Unlike the old ways of farm life with the use of livestock, machines don’t get tired.

Not every chore requires the force of a tractor or the large flatbed of a truck.  Using a UTV to haul around smaller loads of what have you is much more efficient.  No matter the size of the load or the number of hours worked, a utility vehicle doesn’t weaken, lose strength, or tire.



Running back and forth across the many acres of a farm can become quite the waste of time when you are using a slow-moving tractor.  Taking advantage of a quick-moving ATV or UTV can help you save time darting across the property to grab something.  Making short sprinting trips with a vehicle that is built for off-roading decreases your time of travel, freeing you up to get more actual work done in a day.


Safety Tip

One thing with taking advantage of an ATV or UTV is that you need to take safety precautions.  Make sure that you have an ATV windshield or UTV windscreen attached to your vehicle to help prevent debris from hitting the driver and help keep you dry on rainy days. Purchasing an OEM windscreen will ensure the best possible fit to your specific vehicle.

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