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07-28-15 / By gran

UTV WindshieldsOur UTV Windshields

UTV windshield performs major functions. One function is to protect you from weather elements such as rain and wind. This windshield is not mainly designed to secure you from bugs; however it helps. It also focuses on the SRS or Safety Restraint System like seat belts.

Generally, SRS was created to assure that the occupant is secured inside. This is in case that unfortunate incident or collisions occurs such as rollovers and head on crashes. Serious injuries or death may take place when occupants are tangled-up in a rollover without any rollover protection. The windshield supports the roof and preserves your UTV’s structure. You do not want your UTV to get in a wreck; however you want the best to protect yourself and your UTV if a misfortune occurs.

If you’re looking for the best UTV windshields and you’re having a hard time choosing for the right one because of the many choices available on the market today like folding, polycarbonate, lexan, flexible, vented, tilting, full and half, this is still not a big issue. This only means that you need to conduct your research about its pros and cons. This is also for you to fully understand and distinguish their differences.

UTV Windscreen Best Deals

  1. Full UTV Windscreen: This extends at the top of the “dash” to the top of the roll cage. This type of windshield is ideal during colder weather. This is because it offers its maximum protection. The back-draft effect is the one that retains the heat inside. However, this can be hot during warm temperatures.
  2. Half: This windshield extends from dash top to ¼-1/2 distance at the cage top. The good thing about half screen is that it has the ability to provide warmth. This is because of the great airflow. This also lessens back draft to achieve less dust into the cab.

Unlike any other windshield, this provides you with a better visibility. This is especially when it encounters snow, rain or mud. Furthermore, this can be installed and removed easily. Majority of individuals do not consider this type of windshield because of the less protection that it provides from any flying debris. This exposes users to a “wind chill” during cold weather.

  1. Tilting: This is ideal since it allows you of choosing from various configurations. You can utilize it as either half or full. The lower and top sections of the cab can be “tilted” to regulate proper back draft and airflow. Both sections can be removed and this also provides you with great options for different conditions. You have to understand that mounting it proves to be complicated and expensive.
  2. Vented: Adding venting into UTV windshield helps regulate the back draft effect and air flow properly. By adding vents, maximizing the protection is even possible. Vent UTV windshield installation must be placed properly. This is also to lessen the turbulence, which is caused by the higher speed of the back draft.