Windscreen Safety

02-21-16 / By JJ Johnson

Preparation for this upcoming riding season in underway.  Make sure that your motorcycle, scooter, ATV and UTV is looking great and is ready to protect you, ensuring you an enjoyable ride.   One of the most integral parts of safety for your motorcycle or sports vehicle is the windscreen.   The windscreen, often referred to as the windshield, plays an important role in safety and protection while out on the road or in the backwoods.

Wind Resistance

A windscreen is all about protecting the driver and passengers on any type of vehicle.  Whether it be a motorcycle, scooter or sports ATV/UTV vehicle, a windscreen plays an important role in safety while riding.  A windscreen reduces the impact and pressure the wind has on the rider, as well as protects them from flying rocks or debris. It works as a shield of protection to prevent injury and strain on the riders.

A Clear Vision

Being able to see clearly from the driver’s seat is the safest way to drive, obviously.  Regularly cleaning your windscreen, both inside and out, will decrease potential glare and grime from clouding your view.  Clearing away the dirt and dust prevents a haze that is apparent when the sun is beaming down.  Doing what you can to make your motorcycle windscreen as clean and clear as possible is the safest way to ride.

Chips & Cracks

Riding with a damaged windscreen puts the driver and passenger at a much higher risk of being in an accident or getting injured.  Chips and cracks in a universal windscreen compromise the integrity of the product. Replacing the entirety of the windscreen on your motorcycle as soon as possible is going to be the best solution.  Abrasions and chips in a windscreen can limit vision and disrupt clarity of sight, making it a driving hazard that needs to be addressed.

The Right Size Windscreen

When shopping for a windscreen, you want to take into consideration your height, the style of the vehicle and the amount of coverage you are looking for.  If you are a taller person, then you will want a taller motorcycle windscreen in order to cover you.  With most motorcycle styles there are many windscreen varieties to choose from.  Or if you are looking for specific OEM windscreens, those can be found and replaced as well, to keep the same look of your vehicle.

Overall, the windscreen plays an integral role in the safety and protection of the rider and passengers on any type of vehicle.  It shields them from wind and debris.  Keeping the screen clear and free from damages allows clarity of vision while cruising down the road.