Cruiser Windshields That Will Set Your Vehicle Apart in 2016

01-07-16 / By JJ Johnson

Starting off the year with a new outlook and fresh excitement for what 2016 has in store is all part of the fun of celebrating the changing of the calendar. Anyone with a recreational vehicle is sure hoping that the New Year brings plenty of opportunities to ride around in your cruiser. This post is dedicated to taking a peek at some windshields that can really set your UTV, cruiser or other vehicle apart as you prepare for the riding season.

Cruiser Windshields

Flying down the road at 70mph on a nice summer day is ideal for enjoying a ride or a road trip on your motorcycle.  When cruising down the road that fast, you will want to be both protected and looking great.  This is where choosing the right cruiser windshield comes into play.  Selecting a classic, minimalist type of windshield that matches the style of your bike is going to give you both face protection from bugs, as well as a sharp look to your motorbike.   For those searching for a more protective windshield, maybe BW18: B-Wing 18”, SS-20 or SS-32-16 will be a better choice for you.  The wings on these cruiser windshields offer face as well as hand protection while driving.

UTV Windshields

Whether you are purchasing a new UTV or updating your current one, your Yamaha or Polaris utility vehicle will want to be at it’s best, prior to the heavy use during the warmer seasons.  Prepping your UTV is going to help you to enjoy riding all the more.  Not all of these vehicles have windshields, but they should.  Pitching in the minimal extra cost of a UTV windshield makes a safer environment for the driver and passengers. Plus it gives the whole UTV a more complete and durable look.

Mem_134-16-MEMORIAL-CUSTOM_Slipstreamer_F202_LR_WDP_9233COPY-1024x683Custom Windshields

Looking for a truly unique style?  Take a look at the Custom Garage page.  By creating and designing a custom windshield for your cruiser, you can add a bit more of your personality.  Using your windshield space for advertisements, charity logos or other personally meaningful graphics.  The industrial ink jet printer prints directly on the windshield of your choosing.  The printing is protected, keeping them fresh and crisp for years to come.

OEM Replacement Windshields

Getting that vehicle ready and looking sharp might simply mean replacing the windshield that you currently have.  If you have any cracks, chips or discoloring, it’s time to find your OEM replacement to get your windshield back to new.  With dozens of OEM replacement windshields available, you are sure to find the one that suits your motorcycle best.  From BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and many more brands, it’s easy to find a replacement that is just like the one you purchased with your new vehicle.

Cruiser WindshieldsSprucing up your motorcycle or UTV’s windshield can really make your vehicle standout from the crowds this coming riding season.  They provide protection and a classy look.  Preparing to set your vehicle apart with a custom windshield and graphics that are unique to your bike alone will make you more memorable.

Enjoy getting ready to rev those engines once again in 2016!