Hit the Open Road in Style With Our Eye-Catching Cruiser Windscreens

10-18-16 / By gran

Fall is the perfect season to hop on your cruiser, head to the back roads, and take in the beautiful scenery. The changing landscape and vibrant reds, oranges, golds, and yellows of autumn add a little something special to a long ride. In the market for a new windscreen? Slipstreamer has a number of different cruiser windscreens available. All of our windscreens are attractive, easy to install, and provide superior protection.

B15: Bullet 15” and B18: Bullet 18”

Cruiser Windscreens

The Bullet series features a unique mirror-polished, chrome-plated, billet aluminum, truly universal hardware mount. This innovative design allows you to adjust the shield up or down and the hardware mounts left or right as well as rotational for easy mounting anywhere along the handlebars. Best of all, all of our new Bullet series shields fit the same bracket which means you have more glass options to choose from, and you can easily switch out your shield depending on your mood and the weather.

Bullet 15”: 15” H x 15” W
Bullet 18”: 18” H x 15” W

HD-0: Mini Police


Designed to replicate the Harley police shield, this Slipstreamer original takes it one step farther with quick-release mounting hardware. Easily remove your shield and put it back on within seconds, and rust will never be an issue with stainless steel straps and anodized aluminum hardware. Available in clear and smoke.

15” H x 14 ½” W

HD-3: Tombstone


Designed for bikers who don’t always want to ride behind a screen, the Tombstone offers decent wind protection when needed, and the quick-release mounting system and small size allow for easy removal and storage. The Tombstone features anodized aluminum bracketry, wing decal, and 3/16” thick acrylic.

13 ¾” H x 9 ¾” W

SS-20: Stealth


Slipstreamer brings you the rebirth of a classic fairing now with excellent protection and an eye-catching look. This redesigned shield has flowing, sculptured curves, and features an all-new name, graphics, and anodized aluminum hardware to fit today’s bikes. Available in clear or dark smoke.

14” H x 30” W

SS-30-17: Classic 17” and SS-30-22: Classic 22”


The Classic series features a clean, beautifully designed shield that adds a custom look to many popular Japanese and American-styled cruisers. Our new quick release hardware systems fit many different bikes with standard fork tubes, tapered fork tubes, and the newer oversized cruiser fork tubes. Available with chrome or black hardware.

Classic 17”: 17” H x 23” W
Classic 22”: 22” H x 23” W

SS-32-16: Falcon 16” and SS-32-20: Falcon 20”


The Falcon’s unique design combines the classic styling of an American vintage cruiser shield with excellent features, including size and hand protection from a classic touring shield. The Falcon has all the same great features as the Classic. Available in clear only. Available with chrome or black hardware.

Falcon 16”: 16” H x 30.5” W
Falcon 20”: 20” H x 30.5” W

SS-34 Phantom


The Phantom is the newest addition to the Slipstreamer Cruiser shield line, and the dark material and black powder coated hardware will add an ominous look to most bikes. This clean, beautifully designed shield adds a custom look to many popular Japanese and American-styled cruisers as well as featuring our new quick release hardware system.

13” H x 30” W

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