Summer Ready Your Vehicle with a Slipstreamer Windscreen

05-31-16 / By JJ Johnson

Summer is almost here, and in many parts of the country, has already taken the seasonal reins.  Everyone is excited to get outside, spend some time relaxing in the balmy weather, and gear up for summer fun.  Motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and UTVs are taken out of their winter storage and shined up for the season.

Motorcycle and Scooter Windscreens

Being on the road at high speeds presents numerous challenges, but Slipstreamer can neutralize one of them for you with a top of the line motorcycle windscreen or scooter windshield.  Bugs, debris, and adverse weather will be held at bay so that you can effectively enjoy your road trip, commute, or day on the road.  Our windshields are fashioned with you, the motorcycle enthusiast, in mind, so you can be sure of its superior quality and design.

ATV and UTV Windscreens

The trail presents similar, yet expanded hazards:  rocks, branches, bugs, rain, and other adverse weather can turn a day on the trails with your ATVs or UTVs dangerous and frustrating.  With a Slipstreamer windshield, you can load up and head out with full confidence that you’re ready to face whatever the day has to throw at you.

OEM Windscreens

Need an OEM replacement for your vehicle?  OEM windscreens are also available through Slipstreamer:  we’ve got you covered no matter what your windscreen needs looks like.  Even custom windscreens are available for the enthusiast looking to personalize their ride.

Windscreen Installation

Last but not least, Slipstreamer has provided installation instructions and recently posted video tutorials on installing your windshield.  Motorcycle windscreen installation, touring windscreen installation, scooter windshield installation, UTV windshield installation, sport windscreen installation…you get it.  We’re here for you and want you to experience the terrific results of obtaining your next windscreen through Slipstreamer.  Contact us today or find our products through a dealer:  we guarantee satisfaction.

Have fun out there and stay safe and comfortable with Slipstreamer!